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Iphone Lock Screen Linked Shortcut to 3 Common Phone Functions Relatio
Ideated April 1st, 2012

Think up the things you can do to make a positive change at NO Cost. How many can you come up with?


An app that allows user to add "sliders" to the "lock screen" especially for the below 3 main functions:

1) Call/SMS someone

2) Internet Browser

3) Camera


Current situation:

Imagine i am in distress and i need to call 911, i have to

1) click home button

2) slide to unlock the phone

3) Turn on the phone app

4) Launch keypad

5) Dial 911


Aesthetically it may be beautiful to have a picture on the lock screen, but have you consider giving users the option (people who prefer functions over aesthetic) to choose to add "sliders" to the "lock screen" to activate the above 3 main functions?


Suggested Solution:

I believe it is more efficient and effective if you could cut down the number of steps required to activate the main functions of the phone. It would be an optimal use of the 'empty' space in the "lock screen".


1) click home button

2) Slide to activate call/sms screen


Weakness to Solution:

Existing app solution in the market. There is an app GoLocker in the market and other similar apps which also require a fee to download. Would these features appear free in the next version of OS or smartphones release by Samsung or Apple?


What can we Learn?

How would existing paid app solutions that affect main functions for the general smartphone users (not niche game apps) have an influence in the incorporation of those solutions into the next release of the smartphones for free in the benefit of the mass users? Would the usefulness of the paid app be limited only by the knowledge of those who know of the solutions provided by those apps? E.g. i am a housewife using bought of the shelf smartphone, i do not know how to download the app or the existance of the above app; i met with danger; need to call 999 urgently. There is no dummy official solution inbuilt into off the shelf phone purchase -> Mishap happened.  


After Thoughts:

Do you see the suggestion as a (business) opportunity to overcome and bring benefits or a problem that troubles you which brings you to a bad mood which you could

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Expertise Wanted: Business

Ideated By

Jianfa Tsai Jianfa Tsai
Singapore, Singapore
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