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Political campaigns channel
Ideated November 7th, 2012
This is an idea investigation, it is not fully developed so comments are welcome and encouraged.

One of the biggest issues facing American politics is campaign sponsorship. This is often how candidates are 'bought' without the public awareness, unless individuals are willing to do a great deal of investigation.

Perhaps one way around this is to make campaigning cheaper, more accessible and more relevant to local issues. This might be done by creating a dedicated campaign channel, whether this be a YouTube channel, an app or otherwise. In the initial version, I propose an app which could be rolled out on a local level.

Such an app would allow users to enter their own preferences for the current issues being voted on, and match you to the closest candidates based on the candidates own preferences. This would need to be started on a local level and ideally, the local district will agree to adopt this as the exclusive channel for campaign information and ad's. Candidates would be allowed to post their ads free on the channel and encouraged to provide a stance on all current issues and perhaps some more ideological questions as well. Expensive ad's would be heavily discouraged.

Four issues need to be resolved:

1. Ensuring the channel is only used by those who are running serious campaigns (or at least who have registered themselves as candidates).

2. Obtaining voluntary information on both candidate and voter preferences concurrently. One side will have little motivation to provide information without the other sides information already present.

3. Privacy/ Security. Preventing information from being misused or influencing either candidates or voters responses to issues.

4. Finding a neutral (party neutral, corporate neutral and issue neutral) mechanism for financially sustaining development of the service.
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Ideated By

Mark Lichman Mark Lichman
Fremont, California
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