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Open (Positive) Dialog
Ideated October 14th, 2013

"We don't believe there is a devil out there, and if there is it is but a disturbed child to be helped, or ignored.
We believe there are men and women who make uninformed, un-creative, un-holistic decisions they would not have made had they been... enlightened about all their possibilities and opportunities.
So we believe in openly giving those men and women those possibilities, for either they will react positively with their reasons and/or the (new) path they are on, or they will react negatively and we will simply ignore them...
Either way, we will have our job of enlightening or trying to enlighten them done."

"We work by writing and sending an open letter to the concerned (company, corporation, institution, public person...), posting the letter on the site with open comments available to all. We then wait for an answer, while discarding any negative comment, appending the letter with any relevant information or idea, and resending it.
If the answer were to be negative, we simply close the page to any further comment or activity.
If the answer were to be positive, we open a channel with the concerned, for the follow-up (or more) of the corresponding activities, and the real impact of those on their (the concerned's) global action."

url idea: opendialogplus.org

VoilĂ .
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Expertise Wanted: Business
Communication Studies
Software Engineering

Ideated By

Molhokwai Sevenchuen Molhokwai Sevenchuen
Douala, Cameroon
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