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Software Development Tablet
Ideated October 15th, 2013
Software Development on-the-go with a portable tablet customized for programmers. Everything from the ergonomics of the device to the on-screen keyboard. We want software engineers to whip out this bad boy anywhere they'd like and just start putting that logical mind to work -- whether they just had an out of nowhere inspiration or just feeling bored.

There are two types of tablets, the lesser little brother 11" and the strong older brother 13".

Of course, those on a budget can afford an 11" and be able to program and only program. Meanwhile, those who dish out enough cash for the 13" will be able to program and also various other powerful things (like gaming).

There should be at least 2gb of ram in the 11" and 4gb of ram in the 13".

There should be 3 USB ports since one should be for a work flash drive, one keyboard (optionally), and one mouse (optionally).

Why is the keyboard and mouse optional? We seriously don't want software developers to be lugging around these items everywhere they go. We want them to be able to stick this tablet in their suitcases or backpacks or what have you and be able to take them out and turn it on with an instant boot to their favorite IDE.

To make keyboards optional, we must refine such a on-screen keyboard on the Linux platform enough to counteract the need for a keyboard.

To make mouses optional, we must allow users to do anything they can do with a physical mouse. Like clicking on line 209 after spotting a syntax error and with precision they are able to highlight it and remove it.

Software developers with the SDE Tablet, can relax in any position they want (or in any position that a tablet allows them to be) and program to their hearts' content. Whether it be kicking back in a very comfortable chair, or laying down belly first on a bed. No more having to hunchback and mumble at the screen -- with the SDE Tablet you can relax while developing.
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Expertise Wanted: Computer Science
Industrial Design
Software Engineering

Ideated By

Kevin Trinh Kevin Trinh
Modesto, California
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