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Apartmate.com is an online networking and rating site which individuals can use to be matched up with their ideal living situation. It uses data, which the users create and link to their semi-private profiles, in order to help match them with room mates with similar tastes and interests and with landlords or property managers in the areas near where they are interested in living. This site would also allow landlords and their lessees... more
Cory Saucier
Jacksonville, Florida
This is an completely one of its kind application that is being developed keeping both prespectives in mind, an job seeker as well as an employer. Joob Seeker: Build your resume effortlessly by aggregating the tons of information that you do on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn with our Resume Builder. Connects to Facebook and LinkedIn to build your profile and resume. Create a video/multimedia resume. One click submission t... more
Kushal Raha
Delhi, India
Given what Github has been able to do for software, I think it would be a great idea to create a similar platform for music. This would... more
Madhav Krishna
New York, New York
Go Meta with the "I Inspire Us" website. This is a great set of collaboration tools. However, I do not want to share my ideas with everyone in the world. I'd like to use it for a different idea: Share my ideas with everyone in my group. Create a software factory that implements "I Inspire Us" websites. An example of this would be an abstract factory class called IInspireUsWebsiteCreator that provides an inter... more
Brendhan Givens
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Add a means by which users may suggest tweaks to the i inspire us GUI and OA site functionality.  Do this in such a way that the familiar "wattage" system is available so Community members can vote for or against – and perhaps comment on– suggested site modifications and/or additions. ; One quick suggestion is to fix the site so em dashes show up as em dashes and not as "on–"...  ; )
Kevin O'Neill
Mount Kisco, New York
I have an idea that will take a typical news story but adding a little twist to it by allowing the audience to laugh will watching the ... more
Nicholas James
Brooklyn, New York
The "casual" musician is more prevalant today than ever. Ever since Garageband has been bundled in the the Mac OS, anyone an... more
Steffen Hoffman
San Francisco, California