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This is a simple idea that I had many years ago that I still can't believe hasn't been implemented. ; An app that uses your phone's GPS to show a path to the nearest cellular service for your carrier.; If you are out of cell range in an emergency, it would be nice to be able to know how far and in what direction the nearest cell service is.  It is as simple as creating an app with a cellular coverage map and a simpl... more
Joe Scarpa
Sacramento, California
The idea is to create a simplified tablet device that consists only of input (touch or other), display, and wifi/cellular communication. Acting similar to a KVM switch, you could connect to a centrally based cpu giving you all the power of a desktop in a portable, mobile device.  At its simplest the only tech on the tablet would be a display driver, input, and communications making for a smaller lighter device with much lowe... more
Joe Scarpa
Sacramento, California
Apartmate.com is an online networking and rating site which individuals can use to be matched up with their ideal living situation. It uses data, which the users create and link to their semi-private profiles, in order to help match them with room mates with similar tastes and interests and with landlords or property managers in the areas near where they are interested in living. This site would also allow landlords and their lessees... more
Cory Saucier
Jacksonville, Florida
; "We don't believe there is a devil out there, and if there is it is but a disturbed child to be helped, or ignored.; We believe there are men and women who make uninformed, un-creative, un-holistic decisions they would not have made had they been... enlightened about all their possibilities and opportunities.; So we believe in openly giving those men and women those possibilities, for either they will react positively with th... more
Molhokwai Sevenchuen
Douala, Cameroon
Kony 2012. April 15th gas protest. People often try to organize massive movements on the internet.  Why aren't they successful? I don't neccessarily have the answer to this question, but I think a big step in bringing these ideas into reality would be a convenient app (or website for those without smartphones) specifically for putting forward ideas of protest.  A vote-up system similar to this site's "wattage&q... more
Nikolas Emerson
Reno, Nevada
Add a means by which users may suggest tweaks to the i inspire us GUI and OA site functionality.  Do this in such a way that the familiar "wattage" system is available so Community members can vote for or against – and perhaps comment on– suggested site modifications and/or additions. ; One quick suggestion is to fix the site so em dashes show up as em dashes and not as "on–"...  ; )
Kevin O'Neill
Mount Kisco, New York
Instead of going to school every morning students can just wake up in their house, go to a private room with a tv or monitor with a ca... more
Jay Frias
New York, New York
I propose the creation of a mobile app that lets users tweet short messages that are visible by people who are located within a certain... more
Madhav Krishna
New York, New York
basically the menu will act like a remote control or basically an ipad, where clients can simply order by pressin the button on a menu.... more
Amanda Chan
Montreal, Canada