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Develop specialised open source software bots that will supply large FALSE data-sets to Bank Details Confirmation (bank identity theft)scam sites. The software could run on cloud servers and overwhelm the scam database with false data that will make it very difficult to find true victims among the data.; I don't have the knowledge to program this myself, so any software gurus who like this, run with it. Maybe people on kickstarter or... more
Theuns Dirkse van Schalkwyk
Stellenbosch, South Africa
This is a simple idea that I had many years ago that I still can't believe hasn't been implemented. ; An app that uses your phone's GPS to show a path to the nearest cellular service for your carrier.; If you are out of cell range in an emergency, it would be nice to be able to know how far and in what direction the nearest cell service is.  It is as simple as creating an app with a cellular coverage map and a simpl... more
Joe Scarpa
Sacramento, California
Software Development on-the-go with a portable tablet customized for programmers. Everything from the ergonomics of the device to the on-screen keyboard. We want software engineers to whip out this bad boy anywhere they'd like and just start putting that logical mind to work -- whether they just had an out of nowhere inspiration or just feeling bored.; There are two types of tablets, the lesser little brother 11" and the strong ... more
Kevin Trinh
Modesto, California
Create a mobile app to capture a room image and modify the individual wall colors to a user selected color while preserving the existing lighting conditions. Also, connect to existing database which maps Html color codes to paint swatch numbers. The wall detection is the key here as it should require no user interaction, actual re-coloring is fairly easy (just mix each pixel in the wall region with the same mixing color). I've alread... more
Mark Lichman
Fremont, California
Kony 2012. April 15th gas protest. People often try to organize massive movements on the internet.  Why aren't they successful? I don't neccessarily have the answer to this question, but I think a big step in bringing these ideas into reality would be a convenient app (or website for those without smartphones) specifically for putting forward ideas of protest.  A vote-up system similar to this site's "wattage&q... more
Nikolas Emerson
Reno, Nevada
; Background:; Many fonts and images are vector-based. They are rasterized before they are drawn on screen. That means, they ... more
William Sharkey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
How about creating a more readable, ad free web?; Most websites today are cluttered with information, and stuffed with ads. I propose t... more
Madhav Krishna
New York, New York
How about creating a Myspace-like platform for subway musicians and artists? There are a lot of very talented artists who perform in th... more
Madhav Krishna
New York, New York
This is an completely one of its kind application that is being developed keeping both prespectives in mind, an job seeker as well as an employer. Joob Seeker: Build your resume effortlessly by aggregating the tons of information that you do on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn with our Resume Builder. Connects to Facebook and LinkedIn to build your profile and resume. Create a video/multimedia resume. One click submission t... more
Kushal Raha
Delhi, India